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Personal Coaching

You and I will work together to identify, plan, and conquer your professional and personal goals in a one-on-one environment.

“Helping you take pivotal steps to advance in career, business, and life”

Working with small business owners, career professionals and those in transition, I use discovery-based inquiry to bring clarity to what’s wanted and what’s needed to get there, to elicit visions of success, and to spur action.  I specialize in career identity & transition, communication skills, organizational skills, and life balance.

I help you:

  • Analyze your current condition

  • Clarify your desires

  • Remove obstacles

  • Form future pathways

How I Coach

As your coach and sounding board, the most important thing I do is listen to you and create space for you to reflect and come up with new ideas.  I align with what you want to achieve.  In supporting you or your business for growth, I use an honest communication style that is tempered with compassion.

I give fun thought-provoking assignments that elicit client-generated solutions and strategies. I also provide objective assessment and observations that fosters your self-awareness and shifts in thinking that reveal fresh perspectives.  When appropriate, I share insights and knowledge obtained through my personal and professional journey.

Because your growth and success is important to me, I will expect you to:

  • show up for coaching calls

  • drive the agenda based on what's important to you

  • engage in the coaching process; you will get out of coaching what you put into it

  • be open to considering new ideas and fresh perspectives

  • be willing to take the tools, concepts, models and principles provided by me and engage in effective forward actions

As a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF), I hold confidentiality to the highest degree with my clients as designated in my signing of the ICF’s Code of Ethics.


Are you ready to start conquering your personal and professional goals? Then let's talk.

Affirming Words from Real Clients

"I highly recommend working with Diane. She has a down to earth and supportive style that puts clients at ease. She helped me tackle a major hurdle for both my business and life. She made the time we spent together both productive and fun. If you are looking for a coach who is skilled in knowing where to push and where to support - Diane is a great choice." ~ Nikki Evans, ACC, MBA, Alpharetta, GA

"Diane is absolutely professional and effective. And she is professional without being stiff. Her effectiveness is due to her very focused energy on her client, which was evidenced by her great listening and questioning skills. Our conversations went very smoothly and she guided the process without being heavy-handed. I had a wonderful experience with Diane and I would certainly recommend her". ~ Ken Burger, ACC, Crawfordsville, IN

"Through Diane’s mentoring and coaching, she has encouraged me to dig deep within myself and to utilize my strengths to find my true life-purpose. I am fortunate to have such a motivational and inspirational person supporting me through my journey of self-discovery. Diane’s wisdom and guidance have been such a gift to my personal transformation."  ~ T. H., Lewisburg, PA

“Diane has inspired me to take a hard look at my personal foundation and has helped me to see my self-limiting behaviors.  As a result of working with Diane, I have come to realize the powerful impact behaviors have on my ability to achieve my vision, more so than knowledge or skill, and I have gained a clearer picture of my business and my life.  ~ Len Prosseda, President, More Power Marketing, Middleburg, PA

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